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So my 'Beelding' jurys was on Thursday. This was a course where we had to make lot's of things like the papersculpts and the pattern. It went well, at the end of the 10 min jurys; Yes that's right, we have to make a lot of things, dedicate a lot of time in them and than in the end they only glance at it and say: ah and that's that..., they said: ample sufficient but not one of the best. (I'm not sure if ample is the right word 'cause I used a translator but let me say it this way, above average but not the best)
Then Yesterday we had to hand in our paper. On Thursday I worked 'till 3.30 AM, yes AM! and finished it all. Not so glad about some parts but I just couldn't bring up the enthusiasm to work more on it. I was tired...
After all that, I decided I deserved a free evening so I took one! Guess what I did... Claying!!
You get to see the things I made tomorrow, I'm waiting for them to dry ^^.
Onto the topic of this post, some ideas for future posts so you know what you can expect!
  • x. Trip pictures! I have promised you pics from my schooltrip to Switzerland and Italy and I haven't forgotten that! I am going to do 1 post per one or two tripdays.
  • x. I want!: every week I'm going to do a post with a thing I want, thought it would be fun to show what my style is (or rather what I would love to wear if I had the courage...) Maybe I'm going to alternate this with posts with my favourite quotes. Ooh, just to let you know, this is my idea, they don't sponsor me or ask me to show this. It's also a way for you to find more shops online. (and that I can find things back that I love)
  • x. Photograph Friday!: I love taking pictures and try to take some artistic ones, so on Friday I'm going to show you guys a picture I made or I really love!
  • x. More Recipes! I'd love to try out more recipes if I have time, some things will be cookies, easy japanese dishes and more.
  • x. School work: I still have to show you all the projects we had to make for our jury from last Thursday. you can expect some of these posts in the next week.
  • x. A very large post with all the tutorials I find online and find useful: lolita, crafting and deco.
  • x. All the earrings I made
  • x. Bookbinding *tutorial*
  • x. Hairclipholder *tutorial*
  • x. Beaded Rings *tutorial*
  • x. How to decoupage *tutorial*
  • x. Anime and Drama Reviews: I have two reviews almost ready and more to come!
  • x. A shop review: I'm expecting a package from Sophie's and Toffee.
  • x. A little lesson in Dutch.
  • x. Posts about Belgium: I love my country so I'd like to show it more, if you have any questions about Belgium, ask them!

So I hope you like these ideas, if you have any questions or more ideas for me, leave them in the comments below! Oh, don't forget to fill in the form on the right about the music that's playing on my blog!
Also, check out the 'About me' page at the top if you would like to know more about me ^^
See yah!! 


  1. So I am not the only one thinking about how future post should look like! I am seriously thinking about it, too, and how to make my blog more interesting :-))

    I'm looking forward to your future posts!


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