Belgium - visit Atomium (image heavy!)

Yesterday I went with my dad to Brussels and visited the expo about Tutankhamon and the Atomium. As I took lots of pictures of both I decided to give them both a post of its own.
This was my first time visiting the Atomium, I had seen it a few times but never entered it.  This was build for the Expo '58 (Brussels World's Fair) when Belgium was the host.

View from the highest sphere.

View on Mini Europa. If you look carefully you can spot the Colosseum, the Big Bang and some other things.

This was the view from the elevator we had to take to the highest sphere. It was quite spectacular!

Model of the Atomium.

Getting from one sphere to another one. Some were regular stair cases, others were escalators. On both I felt a bit unbalanced, don't know why...

There was an exhibition about immigration with some really nice art pieces, this is one of them.

At the end there was a little shop with offcourse Belgian Chocolates and ...

 Maracoons!!!!! There were 17 kinds, 5 for 3,50€ Which I thought was a good price!

 I bought passion, raspberry, cassis, chocolate and vanille, the passion one is gone already ^^'

As evening dinner we went back home and had dinner at 'Den Historiek', a lovely restaurant. I always have a hard time choosing what to eat. This time I went for Fettuccine Boscaiola, pasta with bacon and mushrooms.
Which tasted very good!

This was a lovely day ^^