Sophie & Toffee Review 2#

And here's another Sophie & Toffee review.
Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Sophie & Toffee, but I will give my honest opinion on these products.

First up,
Rhinestones, pearls, 2 cups, a little cabochon sweet and clay.

Grace clay (click), after using it one time

The explanation on the website says "to either warm the clay in hot water or with a hair dryer before use". I'd recommend using a hair dryer, it goes much faster to heat up the clay and won't make a mess (I spilled water everywhere ^^') And make sure it's warm enough or you'll have trouble piping it, or even getting it through the piping tip and make a mess (again).

Chocolate cake cabochon (click)
It's cuter than the pictures ^^

Clear Scallop cup (here and here)

And lastly the pearls (I love pearls!!)

Cream White Oval Faux Pearl (click) and Pink Half Pearls Cabochon (click)
Some of the pink ones have dark spots on the back but they aren't noticeable when used.

Cream White Half Pearl Cabochon (click) and Pure White Half Pearl Cabochon (click)
The cream ones are really small! Perfect to fill up spots in your design. Some of them are stuck together but are easily broken loose.

Red Half Pearl Cabochons (click) and Black Half Pearl Cabochon (click)
The colours of these two are wonderful, especially the red ones, it's even more cherry red in real life than on the picture.

Sophie & Toffee  gave me a code for my readers, so if you like to order from them, fill in VALERIE10 and you'll get 10% of your purchase. Oh and they also have a mailing list where they organize different sales and discounts so be sure to subscribe to that too if you like

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