Well if you look outside my window, you really can't tell anymore, but spring has started ^^
So I thought that'd be a good excuse to give my blog a little make-over.
Still working on it. I still need to make a header and change the buttons on the side but for now it looks fine to me :)
Remember when I posted about help_japan auction site. It has ended. I bought a quilted make-up case of storing sewing supplies ^^ and request different kinds of hot chocolate. Can't wait to show them to you when they get here! And that also means, I need to start my commission on the art-work I offered. The winner wants Pocahontas, so she'll get Pocahontas ^^ I love her! Next to Mulan, she's one of my favourites!
I think that's all for now, oh, while the rest of the class is on vacation to Switserland, I'm staying home. The trip is a bit too expensive if I want to save up for going to Japan. The assignment we got (we were with 6 that were staying here) was making a maquette. And we did, in one and a half day, so the rest of the week, we are free! jippy ^^ I'll show you a picture of our model somewhere this week.
Oh and tomorrow it's "Stoffenspektakel" in Hasselt. A gathering of fabric sellers and stuff, so I'm hoping to find some cute fabric to make a skirt or a jsk (jumperskirt). I'm almost finished with a skirt I started last weekend, tomorrow I'll have to buy a zipper and put it in. If it's finished, I'll show it!
I'm going to enjoy some icecream now since I burned my tong on my dinner (hot pasta wasn't such a good idea after all ..., it was delicious though =D)
Byby x!