10/50: Finish torso with Pretex

Finally! It's finished. After *counts* 6-7 years. All it took was some cotton, Pretex, paint and a nice summer day to early in the year ^^
Pretex is a runny material that hardens, it's used to harden fabric and create sculptures. If you  mix it with sand or rocks you get a structure paste. Pretex is waterbased and doesn't harm the environment (which is a big plus!) I searched for a site in English about it but can't find it so perhaps it's only known in Belgium/The Netherlands as Pretex. This was my first time using it.
It all started with something like this
Than adding a layer of Pretex and a nylon pantyhose so it gives a rougher surface.
Try to imagine this, as I don't have a picture of this phase even though it has been standing around for 6 years (and came with me in a move)
After layering stripes of cotton drenched in Pretex, this was the pre-result
The rose ribbon you see around her chest was first blue-white ^^
For this messy phase I went outside, but the next one was very easy to do and didn't smudge as much so inside it was. (Plus the weather turned all around and we had a very rainy and cloudy day)

and after brushing with bronze paint and a very little golden paint.

What do you think?
My fingers are itching do start another one, I didn't think it would be so easy. If you like sculpturing and you see materials like this, I'd say give it a try! (and show me ;) )