Review: Nail essence stuff

I bought these some while ago and wanted to test them a while before doing a review

Nail Polish corrector pencil
I was eying this on ebay but came across this in a shop and bought it to try. Shops are just more accessible than ebay is. I think you can get 4 or more on ebay for the price of this one. It cost € 2.99 which I thought was a bit much. It comes with 3 extra tops for your pencil.

What I really don't like about nail polish remover is the smell... some like it, well I don't. This one on the other hand hasn't got that smell, it has a sort of fruity smell. After using it, I looked on the pencil and it says: "cherry fragrance" so that's what I smelled. ^^
It's really easy to use and perfect to swipe up your mistakes when you're doing French manicure.

Overall thought: Great, a bit too expensive so in the future I'll buy them on ebay.

Click & Colour
The description says: 'just click top of pen to dispense colour, brush on and go!' So I did! Had to click a lot of times before I saw colour dweeping into the brush though.

I bought the colour 02 Vivid Violett.
When I finished applying it, I touched my nails and it was dry already! That was really fast! In comparison with a normal nail polish brush, you use a lot more polish than with this brush, that's why it tend to dry faster, I think.
and this is the result. I applied it on the evening, didn't apply a topcoat to see how long it lasted.
The day after I already saw some crackles 'cause the layer of polish is very thin thus more breakable.

Here you can see it on my very own, very long nails ^^ (I'm so happy about them, can you tell? ^^)
These are only 1 layer.

As you can see on the picture, one layer isn't very opaque but I liked it so I left it like that.
After a few weeks I used it again and the polish in the brush had dried so it took a while before I could get new nail polish in the brush.

Overall thought: Easy to apply so great when you don't have much time, when you're on your way to somewhere or on trips. Needs more layers and

Nail cuticle oil:
Just some short remarks 'cause I didn't use this one so much, so;
Smells weird, applies easy but is a bit too runny ... for the rest, I don't really have much to say about this, if you see it on sale and have really dry cuticles, I'd say buy it :).

I'm also joining a group order for ELF so when the items arrive, you can expect a review about those too ^^