Back! + shop

I'm back from my musical-internship! Enjoyed the musical clips this week?
It has been the most amazing week from my life! Lot's of singing, dancing and great fun people,
what do you need more?
I am soooo happy I took the plunge and joined this!
At first I was scared that I wouldn't be good enough to join but during this camp I found out things about myself that I didn't know... like I can sing higher than I thought ^^
You'll get a post with pictures and more information somewhere this week!

As another kind of update,
I finally made a shop, feel free to have a look at it here or by clicking on the link in the right sidebar.
For now, there are just a small amount of items available but I'm hoping to change that! Available are crochet headbands, fabric rings and decoded pendants.

and just because...
okay I was searching for my fav pic of Matsumoto Jun but couldn't find it so I settled for this one:

See you next time!