Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shout-out to all Deco(-den) lovers

I'm the owner of the blog AllAboutDeco and the website with the same name ^^
(trying to gather all tutorials on deco on the internet and making deco lovers meet each other)
Because lately I’m getting the same questions as to where people can find deco supplies in their neighbourhood
I'm trying to make a list gathering all the local and online shops per country/city/.
Therefor I need your help!
Where do you get your deco supplies? Any online shops you recommend. Please also state local shops where you get your clay, tools, rhintestones, anything...
Online shops:
Shop name:
Shop website:
Ship to:
What to get here:
Local shops:
Shop name:
Shop website: (if applicable)
What to get here:

Anyone who helps will get credit for this! (So don't forget to leave your blogadress and I'll add it once the list is done!)
We want to gather as much material as possible so it would be really kind of you to spread this message! (everyone can leave answers to this blogpost)

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