Quick Update

Hi everyone!
On Monday I had my big end-presentation (well actually two) from two of the biggest projects this year.
I think it went well, let us hope for it :) For one of these we had a jury that consisted of 7 people, that's right, ZEVEN. Who are all standing around you, looking at your 4 A1 papers and asking questions, offcourse all at the same time. I made quite some little errors in drawing and forgetting things, but if you've worked 4 nights 'till 4-5 am or haven't slept at all, that's possible ... I'm glad it's over and now I can start to concentrate for my exams, but I still need to finish a paper about an architecturestudio, I chose So-Il, 3000 words needed. I now have 1.900 words so aaaallmost there ... than on the 11th of June I have my first exam, and another one on the 16th. After that, I have one more thing to do and that's defend the paper I have to finish for Monday.
Oh well, we're almost there! =D

Oh! Another thing which I haven't mentioned before is that I have a Tumblr account, where I post random photo's I find around the net which interest me, from crafts to architecture to lolita to photography. If you want you can follow it here 

If you have exams the following weeks too, Good luck and don't forget to take a break from time to time, but I imagine since you're reading this, you're already doing that :D Oh and if you're already over your break, go back to your books, now! (I know I have troubles with sticking with my schedule so ^^')
If you don't have exams, Have a nice week!/month!/ ...
Bye! x