My first Con ~ Made in Asia

Hi everyone! it's been a week since my last post, srry ^^' I have been and am very busy with school so blogging won't be as regularly as it used to be, but I still hope you'll enjoy my posts ^^
Okay, so on the 20th of March I went to my very first convention, Made in Asia in Brussels.
The day started not so good by missing our train... so we arrived at 11 o'clock instead of 10 but that was okay, though I could have gotten an extra hour of sleep (my alarm went off at 6 am)
First up was a look through the dealer's room, I was expecting more things I wanted to buy though, but that's good for my wallet, isn't it ;)  I was soooo happy that they had J-pop merchandising, something which didn't occurred to me beforehand, teehee...
Took a look through the Japanese village where you could get a reiki massage and learn about the teaceremony. And into the gameroom! I played singstar and singstar on the Wii (don't know the name ^^') Glee songs!! I sang "Don't rain on my parade', one of my favourite songs!
We also played some other little games, threw with angry birds (plushes, not real birds) and went to everything 2-3 times with discovering new things everytime ^^
At 3 PM there was a gathering for the lolita from Belgium Cupcakes with a group picture and than we went home ^^
As you can see from this pile of text, I didn't take any pictures, not a single one ... *bad blogger, baddd*
I just didn't know what to photograph... For my next convention, I will take lot's of pictures! Promised!
Onto the goodies I bought,

Piano bag, which I now use for my markers
Uchiwa from Arashi, yay for fan-girlyness!!!
A pin from Matsumoto Jun (singer from Arashi)
Little owl card from a shop which products I liked
Bookmark, I LOVE the work from this designer, her painting are wonderful too!
Little pin from Belgium Cupcakes, our Belgian lolita forum.
Postcard made by Annso, a lolita friend. Her drawings are very cute!! and 
I love musicnotes on dresses so I couldn't not get these ^^

I'm going to sleep now, Have a nice evening/afternoon/morning, ...