November Birthday Swap 2010 ~ Received

There's one swap on craftster that I love doing and I have been doing it for 3 years now,
the November Birthday swap! 
If you are a november baby you can join in, post your wishlist and send each other gifts!
How nice is it to give and get presents ^^ 
This year I got claimed by Bhean for "steampunk things" 
And this is what I got!

Everything, she sent me paper with cool equipement on them, jewellery trinckets and arrows of a clock!

I <3 the card she sent me! It's handmade by women in Bangladesh (if I recall correctly,... I forgot the card back home...)

Close-ups of the jewellery things
Can't wait to make a steampunk inspired ring and pendant!
I normally don't like skulls but I have to see this one is awesome ^^

Love the featherthingies and the clockparts!

Thankyou very much bhean for this wonderful package ^^ !
I was planning on including the things I sent too but I can't find any of my photographs so that's for another day ;)