Okay... I'm sitting here being half-awake/asleep...
We had to hand in an assigment for Construction on Monday, a paper for Culture on Tuesday and today was a very very important and big project we had presentation off for the lesson 'Design' (our main euh... well the most important lesson we have). On Friday we have to do another presentation about 'noise in buildings that come from drain pipes.' the problems and how to prevent it.
A summary of the last *counts* 8 days... This will be hard since I don't remember so much...
Last Wednesday was our last lesson before our big presentation (which was today)
In the evening I worked on that project (social housing) to get it properly into a program called Sketchup
(too sleepy to upload some pics of the things but I'll do that in the weekend or so). I worked on that things on Thursday too and I began to draw plans for that project.

On Friday evening (we had class all day) I finished the assignment for Construction and I worked some more on my plans. I went to bed at 12 o'clock 'cause I had a singing exam on the day after.

On Saturday I woke at 8.30 and started working on my plans. Went to singingclasses 'round 12 o'clock practiced a bit and did my exam. After that again working on my plans. In the evening I heard the Queen Elisabeth competition for piano (my brother was watching it) and some Eurovision songs while still working at my plans and rendering. (You make a 3D thing in a program look like a real thing... I'll show someday :D) I went to bed at 3.00 am.

On Sunday, woke at 9.30 am, working on my plans and my mum started helping me with my maquette.
I went to my dorm, finished the paper for Culture (about converting an old school into something) and went to bed 'round 4 am. I set up a rendering so it could render all night, by the time I woke up, it still hadn't finished. It took 10 hours (!!!!!!!!!!) and 30 minutes to render.

On Monday we had classes from 8.30 am 'till 5.30 pm but I didn't go to 2 of the 4 classes. (in those 2 classes I missed there were 7 and 8 students instead of the normal 40 ...) 2 of the 4 plan were ready to print. I printed them, stayed in school 'till 7.30 pm and when home left without one plan 'cause the printer wouldn't print them ... Worked on the other 2 plans 'till, well... 8 am ... then slept 2 hours and went to school to print. Luckily we had to classes on Tuesday. Came back 'round 4 o'clock ' with two plans (the shopkeeper where the printers are at our school closed at 4 pm while the day before he was open until 8 pm! So unfair!!). My mum had come to bring me more food since I had nothing at my dorm and help me with my model, than I worked some more on my last plan and maquette. Than started my other maquette on 10 pm, got a panick attack and worked 'till 2 am. Slept 'till 5 am, took a shower and worked on my maquette. Left for school at 8 am, got back at 9.30 am with all my plans printed, finally!!!! My maquette was ready on 00.30 pm and left for the presentation at 1 o'clock. My mum and aunt came all the way from my hometown just to get me to the building where we had to present it.

I survived on coca-cola, aquarius, bananas, raisins, some other healty food and water, oh and music! lot's of music.
The presentation it self didn't went good... but they were hard on everyone... I couldn't say what I wanted to say 'cause one of the teachers focused on 1 thing in particular the whole time...
I hope I don't fail this 'cause else I have to do it again next year and I so do not want that!
When I came home (6 pm) I slept 'till my friend woke me to ask how it went ('round 9 pm)
I ate and watched glee! yay! Love love love it!!! and I think I'm going to bed now again ... (it's 0:24 am) and that was my Wednesday...

(If you can't follow any bit of this rambling I apologies ... it's hard to think clear at the moment... I'll explain some things in the weekend or later)