Ring ring ring...

I have got for you today... a ring! well actually a picture of a ring ^^. Made this one some time ago but thought I share it now since this was the first time I actually have worn it. Got a compliment too ^^.
I have some more laying around which still have to be put together. Ooh and those won't be for me... They are going to be sold... well I hope *teehee* Already one item for in my shop, which will open somewhere in July.

You like it?
Inspired for the title by this song.
Ooh also, don't forget to answer the question on the right about the music that's playing. I'd like to know what you think!


  1. its gorgeous!
    I'll love to see more of your ring creations soon!

    Keep up the hard work!

  2. It is lovely! I actually don't wear rings that often... :-))

    You are opening a shop?? I must purchase something from it, as your first customer! XDD

  3. @Ma petit cherie: thanks ^^ I think other creations will follow in the end of June 'cause of exams and schoolwork.

    @Thanh Thao: thanks ^^ I think about adding it to this blog, don't know yet how to do it. Shop will open somwewhere in July I think ...


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