Listen... Nothing!

I did a little questioning on the right side about the music that's playing on my blog...
Most of you just voted "I click pause" so I thought what's the point of the music on my blog?
So I deleted it! I think it's a bit easier to use now, no looking for the pausebutton anymore ^^.
Although it makes me a bit sad, I think it's better this way since you guys didn't liked it very much,
if you did like it, I moved it to another place.
Wanna know where? Search! ^^

On another note, I won't be posting as regularly as I have... Exams and jury's and stuff are coming up.
They end on the 25th of June. So I will be back on that day!
Don't worry though, I do have some posts planned so I hope you can enjoy those! I'll also update a bit about my exams. Hope you have good exams too (if you are having them) if not, enjoy your time!
Now I'm off to do a groupproject. By!


  1. I've been on a hiatus for some days, so sorry for not commenting!! So I'm so much behind with reading the blogs I follow! But read more on upcoming my entry! :-))

    Too bad you deleted your music pod! I would have voted for it!

  2. @Thanh Thao: glad you're back! It's still on my site though... look for it ;)


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