Mothersday & Squeal!

Happy mothersday!!! If you are a 'real' mother or someone who has a heart as big as a mum, I hope you had a lovely holiday today!
For a surprise for my mother (love you!) my brother and I decided to make her breakfast.
Pancakes in particular, and 'cause my mum said she loved the thick fluffy pancakes which she ate when she was on a trip somewhere. I decided to try out and make American pancakes.
Here is the recipe I used.
My brother and I had a little quarrel 'cause we couldn't agree about whether a cup was 240ml or less. It seemed so much flour for so little fluid. Anyway, here's the result:

They weren't as fluffy as they should have been but my mum liked them so we were happy ^^.
I ate one and a half and my tummy already said: no more! haha I'm weak!
We had lots of batter left so I got a bit with me to bake at my dorm.
As other presents, my brother bought here a nice flowerpot with some plants in it.
I made her a necklace which I forgot to take a picture off so that has to be updated on Thursday when I get back home. (Thursday and Friday we have free days at our school because of the "Ascension of Jesus" day. Other countries having that too?)

Oh and the Squeal in the title... guess what! I won another giveaway!! I'm so lucky these days! yay!
This time at Thanh Thao's blog ! I am so happy! I can't believe it... like I told you before, I have never won anything! and now I win two things after each other! There must be an angle on my shoulder or something! teehee ^^ Check out her cute blog for sure!


  1. Hey, you are a good daughter! I didn't do anything for Mother's day, since my mum told me she doesn't want to have anything, hahaha! :-) No, we usually don't do anything at Mother'
    s Day, so.

    Congrats again for havin won! Sometimes one has a lucky phase! :-) I'll send it asap the next days. I'll notify you by mail then.

    To answer your question: I usually don't get any notification when you reply to the comments, but I check your blog regularly, so that I won't miss any recommnts!

  2. @Thanh Thao: hihi sometimes I am... teehee
    hmm that was an advantage on livejournal, you could reply comments, that's something I miss but I think this works too :)


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