Giveaway goodies ^^ (Picture galore)

Remember the giveaway I won at Rainy Days Never Stays?
The package got here on last Monday but I was at my dorm so wasn't able to open it.
On Friday I finally got to open it ^^. I LOVE everything!! yay ^^
And now I want to share the goodies with you! Well not the goodies, just pics of the goodies, they are all mine! muhahahaha XD
The package:

And the bag which contained everything, love the flowers :D I think I'm going to use it for something!

First up, you know those white bag where you put your bra's and socks and stuff in so they don't get lost i travel or just to protect them, this is a Hello Kitty pink one!

All the keychains. The Hello Kitty and the Mamegoma one are already hanging on my cellphone. The Tori one is hanging on my keys. For the other ones I still have to find a spot ^^

The yellow pouch fits my digital camera perfectly, you know, I stuck it in there and wanted to take a picture from it... it took me a few seconds to realize that it would be very difficult to do that XD
Two pencils and two refill pencils.

A close-up of the refiller ones. Aren't those adorable!! And the one on the left IS a refill pencill, it really looks like a normal pencil, I have seen one like it. Really cool!

And all the paper thingies, 2 erasers, 2 Hello Kitty stickers, Hello Kitty origami paper, 2 clear folders and a little notebook which has found a spot in my purse. 

And last but not least, 2 mini tote bags with Japanese traditional pattern and a furoshiki. My mum has claimed one of the bags for herself ^^

Thank you so much Thanh Thao! I had so much fun and look forward to other give-aways in the future and off course more of your blogposts! Everybody go read her blog 'cause it's lovely and interesting!


  1. Wow tof dat je dat allemaal gewonnen hebt! Ö

  2. Oh, you finally opened it!! :-)))
    I'm glad you like the stuff!! Seeing it on these fotos make them seem so little, but I hope you have good use for them! :-))

    Hope you will join my other giveaway soon! :-)

  3. @LisaLemonjuice: I know! I couldn't believe it either :D

    @Thanh Thao: I will! Love it all ^^ Thankyou again!


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