Little clothing haul

When I am typing this I am working on a groupproject for "Sketching class". We have to make a comic, I'll show you somewhere this week ^^.
As for the haul, on Saturday I planned to take the bus to the post office to send of a package and request a search for another package (the supplies I bought from Sophie & Toffee) Mum said I'll take you and we'll do a little shopping after that.
Luckily I didn't take the bus 'cause the Post Office was closed due to those holidays and I would have lost 2 hours walking around waiting for a bus ... So, I tried on a lot of things but these are the only things I bought. They are all from a brand called Transform 'something' can't read it on the tags when I zoom in in photoshop... Clothes are at home so can't check the name... ^^; 
First up, a pants, I really really needed a summer pants ... I have none except for jeans ones...
This is actually browner than you can see on the picture. It's a little more chocolate brown like the couch where it's laying on.

Next up, a summerdress, I really like the points on the bottom, looks like I'm wearing a scarf! haha
I plan on making a dress like this from a real scarf... 
(sorry for the blurryness)

a close-up of the fabric

A skirt, I love skirts!! I have yet to show you one my mum made for me... maybe I'll do that this week, if I have time ^^

and a shirt, at first I didn't like it so much but when I tried it on, it looks good ^^ I love the details on top

Oooh! oooh! oooh! my brother just updated me with my mailservice...  I have a package laying at home!!
It's from Germany!! so Thanh Thao, your package has arrived! Can't wait to open it when I arrive at home!


  1. Great to hear that it arrived safely!!! Did you already open it?? I hope you like the suff! :-))

    Many greetings!

  2. @Thanh Thao: and it arrived so fast! No I didn't, the package arrived at home whereas I'm on my dorm so I have to wait 'till Friday. *sob* so excited!!!


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