Little Haul

I went to the city today 'cause I needed a busticket to get home (I left mine at home ^^; ) and to get a book my brother needed from the library.
I got those and after that, I decided I might as well do a little shopping ^^.
These are the little things I bought.
you can see some nailthingies, hair-elastics, a bracelet and a necklace and a juicethingie.

The bowbracelet and the necklace were on sale, both were 2 € (about 2,5 USD) I have wanted a golden necklace pendant like that for some time now. I'm really more a silver jewelery girl but I really like this one.

I also bought some things from Essence in the '"Kruidvat".
A nail polish correct, a click and colour one and nail and cuticle oil. I will review these somewhere next week.
One of these things, I think the oil, was 50% off.

And A shirt! I bought it at Coolcat. I really really really like bows! and initially I was thinking to just try it on and photograph it to remake it but I couldn't resist and bought it ^^
I do think I am going to copy this onto a few shirts of mine!

And these are things I bought in 5 minutes last week 'cause the store was about to close and my mum had a coupon.
A shirt, mum said: we'll take it, you don't need to try it on, it'll fit! ^^

yay for pink! You gotta know, when I was 12-16 I really hated pink... especially baby pink. After I came to really like hot pink and purple. I think I'm still in that phase ^^. Although I still don't like baby pink so much...

So what do you like to shop for? Clothing, jewelery, make-up, ... ? I really like shopping for crafty stuff ... teehee, more than clothing ... And I hate! buying shoes... I have really difficult feet so almost all the shoes I like don't fit or hurt if I have to walk some time... grmbl. But yay for shopping!


  1. I really love to have a look at other's shopping haul! Since I don't shop that much (except for when I'm in Japan, hehehe). I love to shop clothing, accessoires and sweets the most!

  2. @Thanh Thao: me too! aah sweets, I forgot that one :D

  3. sorry I havent commented for a long time,
    university workload is crazy ><
    How has college been for you?

    gorgeous accessories, I really love the necklace and the delicate lace work on it!

    Hope you had a great day!!!

  4. @ma petit cherie: Hi! collegework had been crazy for me, this week it was a bit calmer but next week there's another project that has to be finished and the after too and the week after that one too ... I wish it would be July already! yay for vacation ^^


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