Bento of Today

I cooked a lot of rice yesterday evening and had some chicken leftover so I decided to make myself a bento for today! The day didn't started off as I would have wanted... I woke up with a really bad headache and had to skip the first 2 hours of school. Gave me a catch-up on sleep though.
Anyway, here's my bento, this is the bottom half: rice and chicken

And the other half: veggies! I need to eat more veggies 'cause I want to live healthier so lot's of veggies in this bento ^^.

I had to take the bus home, which I found out when I called my mum, I assumed she was coming to get me by car but she had to work a whole day and the evening therefor I took the bus.
So when school finished (at 17:30) I had exactly 45 mins to pack my luggage and backpack and head of  to the bus. I first take 1 bus than hop over onto another one which takes me to my city and then step onto another one which brings me to our part of the city. This takes 15 min + 45 min + 5 min. On top of that, I had to wait at the station for about 15 min with the bus standing in front of me but not leaving... hehe.
We have SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much to do for the next weeks I'm panicking a bit inside...
Even in the bus I was working for school. Here's the stuff I drew deciding how I should make my staircase and elevator in my project. I'm working on a social housing program thing for the course 'design' at school.
For every problem I solved I created another problem... sigh. Oh well! *Fighting!*



  1. The bento looks so yummy! When I was in my juniour years of university I always made a bento, because I stayed in uni for almost all day, and everyone else was jealous of my bento, hahahaha!

    Good liuck with school work, it sounds like a bunch of stuff to do for me!!

  2. Delicious bento!
    Glad you took time to make something for yourself :)

    Goodluck with your work!Know you'll do really well :)
    Don't you hate that period of time when you know you'll be staying up late because everything is due in the same week or one week after another? *sigh*

  3. @Jolene: hai, oishii deshita!
    @Thanh Thao: thankyou, well I see the other ones always looking at my bento, it's fun :D and they find the bentobox itself really curious! :D
    @Ma petit cherie: thankyou ^^. Yes I sure hate that time, you're mostly mad at yourself for not planning right or sticking to it!


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