Craft: Kanzashi / rice glue

A while ago I tried my hand at making rice glue. I'll tell you how I did it but first let me tell you something more about Kanzashi,
For the ones that don't know Kanzashi and I think there are many people who haven't heard of these lovely things yet,
here's a little explanation:
Kanzashi are traditional hairaccesoires used in Japanese hairstyles.
Kanzashi actaully means hairaccessory .
Tsumami kanzashi flowers, made by Naomi Graham-Diaz (c) PuchiMaiko.comYou see them the most on Geisha's and brides but women nowadays are seeing more and more the beauty of those little flowers.
So onto my story,
I would love to try and make a kanzashi again, my previous attempt was a  failure not so good. I just cut little squares (which weren't even) fold them and glued with hot glue (which burned my fingers). That's why I am making rice glue, it's fingersafe and doesn't leave stains, it's DIY and environment friendly! You can use it also for paper crafts and others.

It took about 1 hour to make it look like porridge, it was such a mess to get the glue and not the rice parts in my bottle, but it's worth it!
I immediately started cutting out and shaping petals, and that glue really works!
I wonder if I can use it to make my maquettes... (studying architecture)

Some links to How-to's and more information:
How to make rice glu

credit for the picture: Tsumami kanzashi flowers, made by Naomi Graham-Diaz (c)

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