My first tries at nail art.

During the holidays I was spending some time on the internet searching for nail art tutorials, (useful links below)
After that I bought new nail polish, black and blue metalic colours.
Than I got all of my 
mums other polish out of the closet, most colours were red, pink, and red and pink ...
And this is what I got after letting all of the polish go wild on my nails.
I don't have any fancy nail brushes (I can't find those thin one anywhere around here...), just using a thin paint brush.

Black with a blue wavy line
Blue with black dots
Cherry red (ring and pinky finger)

Cherry red with white sakura flowers
Cherry red with black stripes and white dots (was going to a look like Mondrian's paintings)
Light glittery pink with cherry red dots
Tried a grading shade here, from bright pink to cherry red
Black with stripes of pink and light glittery pink

This were my nails for Christmas, I was going for little sakura flowers, colours I used are cherry red - black - white

Here are my New year nails:

Found some inspiration in the Japanese magazine Nail up! (thankyou Violet Le Beaux!) It's completely dedicated to Nails (natural and fake) I love it!

You can find scans of it everywhere on livejournal (useful links, scroll down)
I wanted to go for a for a brushed out look (am I making sense?)

without flash

with flash

Useful links about nail art:
Nails by asami tutorials for creating fake nails
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Mini nail blog 
Never too much glitter : : tutorials for creating lovely fake nails + pictures of Japanese nail art
Ask me what's : tutorials for beginners (look at the tags on the right)
Create Magical nails :
 lot's of information about at home nail designs & treatments

Nails ├ętoile 
Pretty nails

Links to livejournal groups which post Nail up!, Nail max scans for you to download (could this title be any longer?)
Ann & Michy
Kawaii Miss Lyss' Japanese Magazine scan downloads
Japanese Fashion Magazine scans (Nail up)
Japanese Fashion Magazine scans (Nail up!)

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