Drama Review: Tada kimi wo aishiteru ~ Heavenly Forest

my first drama review, hope you enjoy it!

Tada Kimi wo aishiteru ~ Heavenly forest

Japanese film
translation of the titel: Just loving you

Tamaki Hiroshi -> Makoto
Miyazaki Aoi -> Shizuru
Kuroki Meisa -> Miyuki

Love - Photography - Outcast - Friendship

The stories begins when a photographer, Makoto (guy), travels to New York to find his best friend Shizuru (girl). Then it takes you back in time ...
The two studied together at the same university and met at the welcomes ceremony. 
Because Makoto is a very unsure and shy guy, he avoids contact with people but through the persistence of Shizuru and her happy-nosy company, Makoto crawls out of his shell.
Makoto is totally in love with a girl from his class, Miyuki, and because of that, Shizuru thinks she has to be friends with her too!.
Shizuru get's interested in photography and they spend a lot of time together in a forest taking pictures.
When they decide to enter a contect, they go out to "their" forest and start making photos.
After these pictures, Shizuru disappears out of Makoto's life ...
site-note: It's based on a book.

What do I think?
It's a film with a very surprising precious story that starts out light and happy. 
I loved the way Makoto and Shizuru interacted! Tamaki Hiroshi and Miyazaki Aoi portayed their charachters very well! I love Tamaki Hiroshis acting! and who can resist a very cute and lovely nerdy-nosy Miyazaki Aoi?
The glimpse of the forest are absolutely stunning!
The story just didn't let go of me, a few weeks after I watched it, it sometimes just popped up in my head again.
It's a must-see on the list of people who love romance, drama and well Japanese movies!
Ooh ! Don't you watch any trailers before you watch the movie!

In one sentence
Simply beautiful

Riechan's values:
Music: 8/10
Acting: 9/10
Story: 8/10

Happy wappy: 4/10
Fight: 0/10
Blood and Gore: 0/10
Tears: 10/10


Look at that face! So cute :3

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  1. I definitely will have to watch this this weekend! Thanks for the great review, I look forward to more reviews from you"^.^"


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