Easy Japanese cooking: Onigiri

 After finally finishing and presenting a big project yesterday, my friend and her boyfriend and I celebrated it with onigiri!
They are really simple riceballs filled with good stuff, a traditional Japanese dish, often used as a snack but it's just as good as a whole meal.
We made them filled with chicken, tomato and egg, but you can fill them with anything you want! That's what's so awesome about them!! :D
Here's my little recipe: onigiri goes European style

- chicken
- tomatoes
- eggs
- sticky rice, like basmati of thaise, with a small grain.
- sauce you like
- seaweed (if you have it)
- little bowl with water and a bit of salt

How to:
- Boil the rice and the eggs.
- Cut the tomatoes and the boiled eggs in small pieces
- If the rice is ready, let it cool
- Cut the chicken in small pieces and bake
- when everything is ready, wash your hands!
- now get a little bit rice in your hands, make a little bowl and fill with what you want (not to much)
- put another bit of rice on top and shape
(- cut a rectangle out of the seaweed and put it around the rice ball)
- put aside and start making balls 'till all the rice is used
- when you are going to make another ball put your hands in the little bowl with water so the rice won't be sticking to your hands
- most likely you will have left-over filling
- Eat! Itadakimasu! (Thankyou for the meal)

You can put those onigiri in the refrigerator or take with you in your bentoboxes to school or work.

Picture: (scroll down for useful links etc !)

Useful links about Onigiri:

Onigiri, how to make them work: www.airandangels.com/bentobox/onigiri.html
Onigiri, the historie, how to make them: http://www.shejapan.com/jtyeholder/jtye/living/onigiri/onigiri0.html

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