Arashi ranking!

I found this website of my favourite Japanese  boysband called Arashi, to find out your favourite one from the band (as if I don't know that already ^^)
If you have never heard of them. You should check them out!
Their music is lovely (from r&b 'till rap 'till boysbandish) but I love them even more for the shows they do (and they are HOT!). You can listen to some of their songs on the right in the musicplayer.
I don't know about America or any other countries but in Belgium most quizes and shows are with normal people (like not famous) but in Japan all of those shows are with famous people.
Arashi has a huge number of shows like Arashi no shudukai kun, every episode they get another guest or duo and they play games (Aibakaland) and try out weird/expensive food. Than you have Himitsu no arashi VIP ROOM where the lady guest gets to decide which one from Arashi would be good as their boyfriend or VS Arashi, a game show where Arashi and guests have to battle to win! By playing games like Rolling coin Tower or Pipe catcher and such ... They are sooooo funny and cute!
Here's my ranking
First one: Matsumoto Jun
Second: Sakurai Sho
Third: Aiba Masaki
Fourth: Kazunari Ninomiya
Fifth: Satoshi Ohno
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Least Favorite (Bottom)

Usefull links if you want to know more about them:
- The Arashidex
- Arashi @ wikipedia

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