Easy Japanese cooking: Omuraisu

So when I was looking at a Mago Mago episode from Arashi*,
Matsumoto Jun's was cooking a Japanese dish called Omuraisu, basically an omelet with rice inside.
I thought, I can make that too !!
So I did ^^. And even better, all things I needed were in my fridge.
This is my recipe loosely based on Matsujun's recipe.


Ingredients :

- chicken
- rice
- vegetables: tomato, green pepper, onion, ...
- mushrooms
- ketchup
- 2 eggs / person

How to:

- Boil the rice (instead of boiling rice, you can use some leftover rice for the other day, but don't start to warm it yet)
- Cut the chicken (could also be some leftover) in small pieces and chop all the vegetables.
- bake the chicken (not brown yet)
- add the chopped vegetables and let soften, stir
- If it's softened, add the rice (here comes the leftover rice) and stir so the rice takes over the colour.
- turn off the heat and add 1 teaspoon ketchup / person. (if you're making this, I would start of with 1 teaspoon and taste..., 'cause too much ketchup is just too much ketchup ) + keep on stirring!!
- let this rest
- Beat 2 eggs and pour the eggs in the pan (add again some oil in the pan before you do this)
- (since I work with 1 pan, I put this on a plate and put the egg in the same pan)
- shape a nice round omelet (DON'T FLIP), just let it bake until you only have small liquid of egg left on the top (not burning ...)
- put some seasoned rice in the middle of your omelet and fold one side of the egg to the other one (see picture), so the rice is inside the omelet.
- take a plat and put it on top of the pan and flip
- You can add some more ketchup on top to give it a nice touch and you have yourself a tasty Japanese dish: Omuraisu! Itadakimasu!!!! (Enjoy your meal)

And the end result:

I also made one with rice, bacon, corn and carrot (that was everything that I had left in my fridge..)
here's the result:

Feel free to try it! Let me know if you like or not.

* Arashi = Japanese popular all boys band, they have lot's of tv shows, if you want a good laugh, check them out on youtube ^^

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