How to organize ... earrings!

Finally my first post in the 'How to organize' series ^^ Hope you'll like it!
Since I only have my pierced earrings for one year, I don't have to deal with a whole lot of earrings gone missing or breaking. Simply because I don't have that much earrings yet and because I made myself something to organize them. It's easy, not expensive and best of all you can do it yourself!
Here's a list of great tutorials I found online and want to share with you.
As you maybe remember, I made one myself out of a old record plate, the tutorial can be found here

On cut-out and keep, I found ...
these cute earring displays by Beth Millner, simple and great for all of your long dangling earrings.

An earring hanger from an picture frame by Jennifer.

and for the arty people this Van Gogh inspired ear by Tissuepapers A.,
how original!
Now turning to craftster
If you're not that into working with fabric or wire, why not popsicle sticks and glue!
This is earring holder is made by lilpunko2. How clever ^^

Here's another one made from a bulletin board, made by FarnsWorth. She uses ribbon to hold the earrings in place! 

Want to reuse even more?
How about an earring holder made out of pantyhose and an old shoebox?

How do you store your earrings? Let me know, please!