Deco! Pens and cellphone

This weekend I was a bit sick of my boring silver parker pens and I thought they needed some glam.
Enter mister epoxyglue and misses rhinestone ^^
I used two types of rhinestones, I used two bigger shiny rhinestones which I bought from Sophie & Toffee, the other ones, the smaller ones, are actually coming from a shirt with rhinestones on them. My mum didn't want that shirt anymore so I chopped off all the little stones ;)

And I redid my cellphone, really quick though. It's the same as before but I added a little kokeshi sticker
and because the jewels and things from last time were still sticking together, I just glued them back on there. Quick and easy ^^.
Without flash
 With flash

How does your cellphone looks like? Do you have any stickers or jewels on it?