Forever 21: a sneak peak

(Disclaimer: I'm just interested in their clothes, they didn't offer me any money to make a post about them, just my honest opinion!)
You've maybe seen it on my twitter account, I just found out that Forever 21 is coming to Europe and Belgium in springtime!!
None of these close-by off course. One store in Brussels (our capital) and another one in Antwerp.
Can't wait to visit that shop!
I went to their site and thought I'd post the things I really like!
(all following pictures are from Forever 21)

Cropped Chiffon Ruffle Vest
Brushed Plaid Skirt (love the purple/black)
Bow Couture Skirt
Victorian Jacket

I love dots ^^ 
and stripes!!

 and roses ^^
 and stripes,
 and this colour of blueeeee

For the ones that don't like fashiony posts, there will be a 'How to Organize..."secret"' in a few days ;)
Have fun waiting! ^^