Belgium ~ winter!

The last 3-4 weeks Belgium has been taken over by Mr/Misses Snow... as in the rest of Europe.
All our traffic has been stuck, planes couldn't land or ascend, 1000 of people were stuck at the airport.
Because of that, for a moment it looked like I had to spend Christmas eve alone on my dorm with everyone else gone home ... The original idea was to take the bus home but on Friday morning, the radio news said: There is only 1 bus driving in our part of the country ... which later turned into none ... My mum couldn't come to get me 'cause of the weather either. So I was stuck... or so I thought ^^
Luckily my aunt and uncle are living only 10 min away and he wanted to come and get me!! That 10 min ride became a 45 min ride. And on Christmas day I arrived home, at last ^^

This is a compilation of some shots I took walking to school and some footage from the car ride.
Hope you enjoy the video ^^