Hi guys!
I have seen there are some new readers here, so welcome! Hope you enjoy my posts ^^
Oh and thanks for everyone who has voted in above form, and if you haven't yet, please do!
With your opinion I can make this blog better and more enjoyable for you!
On another case,
as you may have noticed Friday has passed without a Photograph Friday.
School is taking up a lot of my time, all of my time really... so I'm putting my blog on a hiatus.
I'm not going to make any posts 'till Christmas day, I won't be reading any blogs either.
Okay, maybe a couple... ^^;

Please enjoy your stay here with perhaps reading some of my older posts or some of the interesting blogs in my sidebars ^^
See you again soon!

ETA: On top of all this work, my laptop crashed T_T Hopefully I will be able to recover my documents or else it's byby pics and things ... T_T