My Japanese type goodies Part 2

 Remember the post about all the Japanese goodies on my dorm?
here's Part 2! Be warned, lot's of pics!

The Japanese books at my dorm, from left to right: JAPAN (traveller, national geographic, english), Furuba (Fruits basket, Japanese), Paradise kiss (French), Fool's gold (English), Pettitte Cossette 1 and 2 (English), Japanese to English dictionary (I was so stupid not to buy the other copy, Eng -> Jap)
One is not pictured and that is my very new Japanese basic cookbook I got for my birthday.


 Fruits basket magnets!!!!! I got them in a swap on
 Never mind the "who did it?" arrows (my friend was looking for the killer of momiji, putting arrows to her so called boyfriends and stuff... the women sign is added after I said that momiji is actually a GUY!!... she was like, NOT anymore!)

Here are my kanzashi hairpins I'm so happy with,
The red one I got through a swap at, this one is completely handsewn.
The beige one is my first attempt (and failure), I used hot glue which burned my fingers ...
The grey/black one is my 2nd attempt and it find it a lot better than my first one (don't you?)
I used rice glue to attach the petals to the base, the glue also stiffened the fabric.

Now onto my posters, I'll go from the oldest to the newest.
This one, I got from the brother of my ex-boyfriend. He didn't want it anymore, and I thought, why not...
I don't know from which anime the boy and girl are (if you know, tell me)

Next one is from Digi Charat, I never saw the anime but I like the art and the cuteness.
Bought in 'De Max' in Leuven.

This fairy poster, I bought at Funiversum (a very small anime convention in Belgium)

Death note !!!! Yes the thing on the right is creepy, no I don't get nightmares  (I'll show you another time why not ^~ )
I loved the manga more than the anime. Haven't finished both of them yet.

From the anime DN angel, got it with a Aniway (a Dutch magazine about anime, manga, ...) 

 Chobits, I love her clothes (never seen the anime though)

Next up, a drawing I made from a lovely picture I found online. A geisha wearing an umbrella.

A little dragon from the same artist of the little fairy poster.

And last but not least, my wall of Japanese! tam tam tam taaaaaaaaaam
From top to bottom: kanji for up-down-left-right, Hiragana sheet and days of the week sheet.
That was that, for the ones still following, thanks!
Let me know what you think with a comment below (I LOVE comments!)
'Till next time!

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  1. I love Chobits! I won all the manga and watched all the anime!

    The poster is from Fushigi Yuugi. I've read a lot of Yuu Watase, so i recognized it right away!

    Check out:

    I haven't read Fushigi Yuugi yet or watched the anime, but it's suppose to be her best work. A friend of mine has the entire manga series FY: A Mysterious Play and the new one! I just haven't been able to get together with her to borrow them all yet :-/


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