Craftalong: 50 projects in 2010

Yup, another craftalong...
Last year I joined a craftalong at called 50 Projects in 2009.
The purpose was to make a list with 50 crafts and finish them in that year.
I made it to 16/50 ... which is pathetic ...
I'm planning to do better this time! Hopefully
This is my list for this year :
(bold = work in progress
 cross-out = finished)

To check the fully updated list, you can click here
  1. Finish my corset
  2. Make a skirt out of purple dotted fabric
  3. Finish a skirt (pop-art skirt)
  4. Make a junknecklace
  5. Stencil an Anime shirt
  6. Stencil a drama shirt
  7. Make something out of the wood that's been lying in my mum her car's trunk -> Pendants!
  8. Make an altered puzzle
  9. Thing for next to my bed to put magazines, pens and stuff in (everything lying on the floor now...)
  10. Stencil a "Don't Piss of the Fairies" shirt
  11. Make a spider necklace
  12. Finish my shoulder bag
  13. Finish my little beaded crown
  14. Make a little lolita tophat
  15. Reconstruct at least TWO items from my bag full of old clothes
  16. Make a scarf holder using this tut
  17. Make a lolitastyle dress. I LOVE the style but don't have anything in that style -_-
  18. Make clothpads *1 done*
  19. Etch a glass  my result
  20. try out Chinese dumplings using this or this recipee
  21. Make a gothic lolita poppet
  22. Make a pouch that holds my cloth pads
  23. Take the domino stones I bought and turn them into jewelery
  24. Use spirograph thingies to make steampunk jewelery
  25. Make paper beads from all the scrap paper I have lying here
  26. Make a jewelery holder like this or something else
  27. Take one of the many tutorials I have saved and make at least one thing of every section! (clothing - plushies - clay - bags - ...)
  28. Brothers birthday (october): make bookmarks
  29. Mothers birthday (july): Photoshoot + silhouets! 
  30. Try my hand on ATC cards
  31. Decorate my tin penholder
  32. Decorate my first-aid kit tin thing  my result
  33. Sew a dress like this
  34. Niece's birthday: craft a earring holder the result
  35. Make a Rapunzel scarf 
  36. Mother's Day: necklace and matching bracelet
  37. Make a bracelet with a new technique the result
  38. Decorate my ringholder the result
  39. Decorate my green flats into glitter flats with this tut the result
  40. Make myself a pair of earrings in blue, silver and green
Total done: 7/50

List will be updated with more projects to come!

If you want to join too, post a link to your list in the comments!

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