Easy cooking: One pan dish with potatoes

I don't like potatoes... Boiled potatoes that is. I love them fried, baked, mashed, oven-served, but boiled... yuck. This is something I have made a couple of times now,using baked potatoes and some leftovers. It doesn't get any easier. Also, I LOVE 1 pot cooking... which means less dishes but it just feels cosier :D So here's my recipe for this one pan dish (I have to think up a name for this dish :D if anyone has ideas, please tell me ;) )


- potatoes (already cooked ones or the packages you can buy in the supermarket which say, ready to bake)
- Meat: chicken (sliced in pieces), ground meat (pork or beef, your choice), ...
- 1 onion, chopped
- a bit of cheese (sliced in to very little pieces)
- milk or water
- 1 - 3 tablespoons of flour
- Mushrooms
- left-over vegetables: broccoli, carrots, green beans, ...
(if you don't have onions or mushrooms, you can add what you like) 

How to
- Bake your meat in a frying pan.
- Fry the onion a bit in another frying pan than the meat.
- Toss your potatoes with your chopped onion.
- if your meat is ready, put it in the frying pan with the potatoes and onions.
- Add the mushrooms
- While this is baking, Add the cheese, Don't forget to stir 'cause the cheese burns easy.
- Take a little cup, mix the tablespoon of flour with a little more than a bottom of water or milk
- Throw this in the frying pan and stir. You'll get some sort of sauce, (if you would like more sauce, keep adding another mixture of milk/water and flour
- Have a happy meal! (lol, this was not the intention to quote McDonalds... I don't like the food there... if you can speak of food...)


With chicken:


With ground meat:

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