My bentobox

I wanted to show you guys my very own bentobox! I got it through a swap on craftster ( and used it 2 times. Yes, only 2 times! *big shame on me* But since I go home (to my dorm) to eat at lunchtime I don't need a lunchbox, therefor no bentobox :( 
At first I thought (and my swapper thought so too) that this must be a kidsize. But after looking at more information about bento, I found out this is really a womensize container. It can contain 600 ml and that's what a women needs!
Anyway, She not only gave me a bentobox but also cute little goodies to help me pack my lunch. 

Here they are. 
First up, my bentobox. It's Pink! With the rabbitstrap. The box is from the brand: Pink Balloon
(ooh and that's my agenda in the back, decoupaged it with manga images and aquarel, I'll show it better next time)


With the blue flower strap


Bottles to put sauce in, cute ne? 


A little cupcake holder:


And last but not least, food dividers (to give everything a place in my bentobox, so when I open it, it won't look like a hurricane past by...)


Oh and my chopsticks, these are the ones I have at my dorm The red ones are my favourite (bought them in a japanese shop in Düsseldorf, Germany) The beige ones (with the flowers) are good for noodles And the other ones I only use if the others are dirty :D

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