Modeling paste ~ Deco

After reading hikaria's post about modeling paste, I bought some acrylic modeling paste myself.
There was a huge shelve, all with modeling paste containers... I bought the cheapest one since it's for try-out. It cost me 10 € (14$) for 500 ml and is from the brand Pebeo.

I can't try it yet 'cause I don't have a cake piping set, but that's going to change this afternoon ^^ (hopefully) 

If you don't know what deco is, check out the following site (especially the Universal doll one)
But I'll give a try to explain it here, if you don't feel like to leave my very interesting blog *cough*
Decoden is short for: Decoration Denwa (denwa is phone is japanese) So it means you stick every thing you like on your phone, swarofsky, rhinestones, sweet stuff, hello kitty, ...

Useful links:
Hikaria : great blog with lot's of tutorials about sweet deco
Deco_den : livejournal group about deco
Universal doll : more information about deco
Flickr : deco examples
KawaiiFrenzy : lot's and lot's and lot's of information about techniques and deco. (shop)

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