You know you're a craftster when ...

On craftster there's a really big topic where craftsters posts things they do which make them a craftster.
I selected the things that suit for me. Here's my You know you're a craftster when- list :

- you can't sit still through a movie without your hands going 
- you're watching people at college and you look at every girl's purse you see and wonder if they made it, or where they bought it, or where they bought the fabric.
- you're ALWAYS expecting something in the mail. (whether it be from a swap or penpal)
- When you go to a clothing store and buy the biggest shirt you can find in their cheap clothing range, simply because you'd never get that much fabric for 2 € at the fabric shop.
- you take pictures of things in shops on your phone that you really wanna know how to make!
- You randomly think of joining things together by ironing them so that one part melts...
- When in every shop you ever enter (being a supermarket, shoestore, bookshop, etc.) you look around for cheap materials that you can use for crafting (even if they were meant to serve a totally different purpose)...
- You see something in a store and say/think...why buy it when you can make it! I can make that! But then you never do
- You see things in a store or just about anywhere and think about what you can make with it.
- you go to bed and can't sleep cause you have so many new ideas in your head that you can't wait to try out.
- you go to the post office and yours is the only package made out of a paperbag and duct tape- you tell - - - yourself " ok, no more new projects, you have to finish the things you already have" but somehow you always manage to rationalize getting new stuff. inner dialog goes something like this "I know I told myself I shouldn't get anything new but what if they don't have this *insert random craft here* when I actually would have time for it..."
- you look for fabric with an odd bit left over on the bolt after you're going to purchase your yard or two, because you know the lady at the counter will give you a discount on the leftover when you act like you don't want it.
- you are a complete wimp about trying new crafts "because what if I suck?", but fearlessly and without hesitation take on ambitious projects in crafts you have never tried before because you had the perfect idea for a swap item, and the vision in your head will surely carry you through!
- you take "You didn't make that! You bought it!" as a compliment.
- you appreciate handmade gifts (no matter how flawed they are) more than store bought gifts, because you know it means someone cares.
- You get random bits and bobs as your birthday present with a big box to organize your craft supplies. You can never have too many boxes!

So, how about you?