DIY Friday: Easy Hairpiece organizer

Do you also always lose your bobbypins? I really needed to have something to organize them because I don't want to buy a new pack every month.
When I was looking at this piece of wood (the back of a large broken pictureframe), I immediately knew what to make with it! A hairpiece organizer! And it will be super easy!

What you need:
- a piece of wood with the size to your liking. You can use also the back of an old pictureframe like I did.
  (if it is rough wood, you'll need sanding paper as well)
- paint / spraypaint / ...
- ribbon
- hot glue gun / regular glue
- a pencil and a ruler
- a hammer and a nail

What you do:
This is what I started with. A nice clean piece of wood. It already has holes on the side which made it easier for me! (plus gave me the idea ^^)

First I removed the metal piece that were still in the holes.
Lay it out flat on the ground and start to paint it in the colour you like. I used a can of white spray paint because it is just quicker than using a brush!
After it dries, take your ruler and pencil and mark where you want your holes.
It's best to stay 2-3 cm from the edge. My piece of wood already had 6 holes but I made 2 more between the first and third row to get more storage space.
Take out dremel and start drilling the holes. Make sure you make them as wide as the ribbon you're going to use. You can also make them smaller but not bigger as it won't look as good.
Make an extra holes in the middle of the top to hang it later.

After the drilling, take your ribbon (mine is a silver glitter one) put it through the holes and cut it so you keep minimum 2-3 cm's of ribbon at the back. Take your glue and glue them down. Repeat on the other holes.
Wait for it to dry and you're finished!
This is my result.

And the back
Take your hammer and nail and mount it on the wall.
Now go and find all those lost bobby pins, hair flowers and other hair pieces and add them to your brand new organizer!
 This is it's place in my room. Below the earrings organizer I made earlier (tutorial!)
My room is getting a make-over so expect more organizing tutorials!
Just this week my mum and I build two clothingcabinets from the IKEA in two afternoons. Now I finally have a warderobecloset, just for me!