DIY Friday - Organize your rings!

Today it's an organizing tutorial!
Do you also have a pile of rings cluttering the top of your cabinet?
Here is one way to organize them reusing a thing where jewellery arrives in.

What you need:
x A sharp knife
x a necklace box, bracelet box, ... Basically a box with a piece of foam in!
x Your rings!

What you do:
First you need to decide how you want to organize your rings in the box.
I decided I want to place them in two rows, perpendicular on the long side.
Take your knife and cut little slices, as wide as your rings. 
If you have lots of thin rings, you can make the slices closer to each other. If you have thicker rings, you'll need to make them wider from each other. 
This is my result

And voila!

Nice and easy tutorial to organize your rings!
Let me know if you've tried it!