Pintastic Tuesday

Have you ever heard of the Pintester?
Sonja Foust tests pins from Pinterest, a place where you can 'pin' your favourite items and tutorials from the internet. I highly recommend you checking it out if you haven't before. It's ideal to organize all the tutorials you find, in categories or pinboards as they call them. Also really good to make a wishlist for those moments you're asked what you want for your birthday and you can't come up with something. (I know I'm not alone in that!)

Back to the Pintester. She tries out those tutorials and writes about them in her humorist way. (If you love penis jokes you will love her!) Mostly she fails awesomely.
On Pintastic Tuesday I will try out a tutorial/recipe/... from Pinterest as well. I have thousands of things pinned but hardly get to them. If you want to have a look at my board, here's the link.

For today I'm trying out a pin from my Household Wisdom pinboard:

~ no source ~ 

So I pinned this picture with the explanation and that's what I'm going to try!
I came across it quite a few times on different blogs and decided to finally get to the cleaning!
This is the victim which I started with

It's not that bad, is it? *cough* This is our microwave after a couple of family parties...
Okay, so I grabbed a cup, filled it half with vinegar and half with warm water. Put in a wooden spoon. I read somewhere it's good to prevent an exploding vinegar/water mixture. And put it in the microwave for 5 minutes.
After 3 minutes I heard a blast and checked, just in case we needed to evacuate the kitchen.
The wooden spoon got blown out and with that I decided it spent enough time in the microwave!
The pin states you can just wipe the stains with a wet cloth.
Here is the result after wiping (and scrubbing)

Now... can you tell me if you see a difference? Because I don't. I really don't. Okay perhaps just a little bit less but not a significant difference.
Then I stuck it in again, thinking those 3 minutes weren't enough.
No use. The stains didn't come of. 
Because I'm usually not a quitter, I googled for other ways to try and clean a microwave which included water with a dash of dishing soap and another one with lemon and water. None worked. I gave up...
So the verdict? The pinterest method with vinegar and water doesn't work on heavy duty stains. It might work for light stains from like a week but our microwave is long gone...