Faux Fur Peter Pan Collar

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and make a peter pan collar out of faux tiger fur I had lying around. I used this tutorial by Caitlin from Coletterie.
This is the result!

The other side

I must admit I like the fluffier ones better but I had this fur and thought why not :) Might look cute on a black sweater and brown pants!

If you're making this collar, here are some tips:
- The pattern doesn't include seam allowance, so don't forget that! (stupid me forgot it ^^')
- When you cut out the paper pattern make sure it fits your neck like you want it (It's a bit to small for my neck, so the next one I'm making will be longer in the back)
- If you don't have a cord, use ribbon or perhaps crochet yarn into a cord.
- When you make the little balls, sew the lines, put the end of your ribbon inside and add some leftover fabric scraps in there so you can a puffier ball.

This vacation I don't have to study so I'm free for craft projects! yay! I finished this collar, a book purse, a skirt, working on a skirt and on a little harry potter project. I love this!! ^^