Christmas Market in Maastricht

Last Sunday we (my family and I) decided to go to the Christmas market in Valkenburg, a city in the Netherlands. This Christmas market is held in caves which makes it very special.
We arrived in Valkenburg and people everywhere!!! We forgot something quite obvious... sunday = people free = lots of people visiting Christmas Markets = lots of people in a cave...
And my mum doesn't like caves either so it was decided we went to Maastricht.

The pedestrians bridge for entering Maastricht.

First we went to eat and drink something, some regular shopping and once it turned dark we went to the Christmas Market.

While the other were enjoying a cup of gluwein, I decided to look around. There weren't that many nice shops and if there were, I didn't take pictures ... I bought things :P

On our way back to the car we stumbled upon this building, looks very spooky doesn't it?

It was a nice trip, though I still am curious about the Christmas Market in Valkenburg. Hopefully I'll get there next year ^^