Bodyline Review: Tie107, Tie109, Tie117, bag093, L024, S261 (Image heavy)

Disclaimer: Everything is bought with my own money!

Shop: Bodyline Japan
For the whole month of November bodyline was having a 1$/1€ Airmail shipping fee, so I decided to finally give in and order some things!
The're having another one in December, this time for 5$ airmail fee.
For the ones that don't know Bodyline it's a Japanese online store (with some real stores too) selling lolita clothing and cosplay.
Anyway, I had been eyeing their music note jsk for a while now and decided that it would be my big item ^^

First up,
Site 4/5
You can select 4 different currencies which makes price reading easier. The site is well balanced and easy to navigate. I do know from experience (I like browsing around looking at pretty things) that the website can go very slow if they are having sales, but luckily it didn't this time!

Communication 5/5
I asked them a question about the shipping and customs and got an answer back in 12 hours.
But their English is quite bad so don't ask difficult questions, just keep it simple ;)

Shipping 4/5
I chose Air mail because of the sale. Who can resist 1€ shipping! I sure can't :D
Time table:
4th Nov: placed order and payed
6th Nov: got tracking number
16th Nov: Received package
(I was so glad Customs didn't snatch it!)
It was shipped in a plastic grey bag, so no padded envelope but I knew that wasn't going to happen, even though you pay for it. Oh well.

Now onto the good stuff
Tie107: piano tie
Tie109: music cord tie
Tie117: music note tie
Bag093: music note bag
Socks261: knee high socks
L024: music note jsk
Can you tell I love music ;)

Price (Nov 2011): 2 €
          (Dec 2011): 3 €

These were ordered for my brother. He plays piano and wanted nice ties when he plays at concerts.
I really like the ties, they are a bit thinner and longer than normal ones.
The piano keys and music cord tie are the prettiest I think.
Overall: Happy with them! If I ever want to buy a special tie, I'll probably look at bodylines website again (if they offer cheap shipping).

Price (Nov 2011): 9 €
         (Dec 2011): 10 €
I was expecting it to be made of plastic because that's the feeling I got from the online picture but it's made out of cotton (if I had read the description box I would have known)

One side has bows attached to the handles, the other side has little hearts.
If you get closer, the print is a bit pixeled but I don't mind that.

The inside, just plain black cotton

The sides, you can fit rather much in there which I need in a bag!
Overall: Pleased with my buy! I still need to use it, after that I will update this to let you know if it's sturdy enough.

Price (Nov 2011): 3 €
          (Dec 2011): 3 €
First of all, on the online picture they seem more white on black to me but they turned out to be pink... and I have nothing pink... like nothing. So I don't know if I can use these. Perhaps I can coordinate them with the musicjsk I bought. Second of all, they fit great, and are quite warm!
Overall: Good price - quality.

JSK L024
Price (Nov 2011): 28 €
         (Dec 2011): 30 €

The Music note jsk, the reason why I ordered.
I love it! It's so cute ^^
Now some close-ups
The neckline
close-up of the pretty rose lace used.
The print, which is the same like the bag, also a little bit pixeled but not noticable when wearing it.
The fabric used is stretchy cotton, not thin, just thick enough.

The zipper, it works well. Though while wearing I found that it irritated me but I wasn't wearing a blouse (I was in a hurry to try it on ;) ) Have to see if it's better with a blouse under it.

As you can see isn't the jsk lined but the fabric is thick enough to prevent see-through.
The seams are finished and after my search I just found one loose thread.

The detachable bows. One negative point, the brooche backs are sewn on the lower side of the back of the bow so when used, the bows hang downwards, being sloppy. I'll probably detach the back and sew them back on, on a proper height.

The strechting on the back.
Bodyline says it's good for measurements up to 100 cm in the bust. I don't think it would be very comfortable for people with a 100 cm bust. I'd recommand 'till 96-98 cm.
I removed the white ribbon as it looked ridiculous stretched out...

Items: 4/5 (because of the zipper)
Overall: I'm happy with the jsk. I hope I can fix the zipper irritation problem and wear this baby out!
Will update with a coord post soon!

Will I order again from Bodyline Japan? Definitely! But like with every other store, first search reviews of all the items you have eye on. Because I know it can be hit or miss with bodyline!

If you want to know more about bodyline, take a look at bodyline_love and egl