Book Purse

Remember the Book wreath I made a while ago? Need help reminding?
I bought the book solely for its thickness and coverart so I could make it into a bookpurse.
And now I finally did :D
The tutorial I used is made by Hungry Panda from Hungry Panda Clothing

Don't worry, I read the book before I made it into a book wreath ;)
It's a fairy tale book, where the tales have been rewritten so they would be more "appropriate" for children, needless to say it was weird in some ways ...
The cover after getting rid of the pages.

And done! 

Instead of velcro, I made a system using buttons/knippers (I don't know their English name ^^')

Spread open, it fits quite a lot of things ^^

Now i feel like making more! We're going to clean the attic at my grandspa's house so I hope I can find some nice old thick books there ^^