New comment system!

I'm back from my holiday! ^^ It was fun! I'll show you some pictures if I have time.
Someone notified me that you couldn't comment on my posts anymore, I tried to fix it with intensedebate but it didn't work, I could never see the "comment" button. So I changed to disqus but I forgot to do something ...
I deleted the accound on intensedebate and with that all of the comments everyone left on my posts T_T
This is so sad as I loved reading comments on older posts :'(
But I hope the new comments system works fine, if not, you can always let me know by email.


  1. Too bad it deleted all your old comments!

  2. yes it is :( But I'm glad this seems to work! If you have time, feel free to take a look at my older posts and comment if you like :)


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