Egl craft exchange: received!

A while ago I joined EGL exchange (a swap for lolita-items), this time you could choose out of 3 categories to join, free for all, artwork and crafts, I joined the last one. We were paired up with three, like a round robin and I got my package last week from Sakurasheff (if you're into lolita, please take a look at her blog!)
Sakurasheff made me a hat and a pair of wristcuffs. They are so lovely! and in my favourite colourcombo, red - black ^^ I was going to make myself a pair of all black wristcuffs if I could find some nice lace but now I don't have to anymore C: Every cuff has a chain with a different pendant on ^^.

The hat has a black silk rose, feathers, red lace, black netting and 2 hair clips ^^

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Can't wait to use it in an outfit!

I wasn't sending to sakurasheff but to blondebates. She had an amazing piece in her closet, the Divine cross corset jsk from Moi Meme Moitie, featuring black fabric with a golden print. I decided to take those 2 colours and work them into a jewellery set.

I made her a pendant necklace and a ring. Lots of pics 'cause I was fooling around with the lighting ^^'

I also made more of the rings, one for me, the rest I'm probably going to sell, let me know what you think please ^^

And as she also is a sweet lolita, a pair of lavender rose earrings ^^.

This craft exchange was really fun to do and if there's another one in the future, I'm going to join too ^^