Remember the items I received from Sophie & Toffee?
Well I deco-ed something with them, quite a while ago but I recently took some pictures to show them to you guys.
This used to be a white old smudgy mirror from my mum which was laying in her bedroom as long as I can remember. I took it, cleaned it, sanded the outside and painted it black.
Then I deco-ed it, the big button and the white rhinestones are from Sophie & Toffee, the flowery things are scapbooking supplies where I pulled off the white sticky thing in the back and applied them with two component glue. This will be a gift for my mum.

And another mirror, this one began as a silver piece but also painted it black after sanding it. The sanding is very important 'cause else the paint won't stick to the plastic or metal you're about to deco. And it will result in stripes of the underlaying colour coming through and your paint will be gone after a while.

(I took this picture just a minute ago, as you can see it's a bit dirty, I took it with me to sea so sand everywhere :D)
Sophie & Toffee  gave me a code for my readers, so if you like to order from them, fill in VALERIE10 and you'll get 10% of your purchase.