Photograph Friday ~ Picture overload

Okay, here's the loot op photographs that I promised last Saturday. They are pics of my trip to Switzerland and Italy from last March.
And because I already made a small post with information about this trip as a concept post. I'll post that too ;)

Day 1: 27th of March 2010
We left at 6.00 am in Belgium and headed to Ronchamp (about 479 km) where we visited the Chapelle Notre Dame du Haut designed by Le Corbusier (a famous Swiss-French Architect from begin 20e century) 
You can say Haut (high) damn right... our bus had so much trouble climbing the way up on the mountain that I was scared we'd be rolling backwards anytime soon.
Lovely view from the church

And when I looked the other way, this is the view you got.

 I love how Le Corbusier played with the lighting inside the Chapelle.

After that we went to Basel and visited the Fondation Beyeler at Basel. (96 km)
No pictures inside :(. There was a large collection of Henri Rousseau paintings, some Picasso and other artists.
I bought my brother a postcard (this one) 'cause he loves art.
And from Basel we went to Chur (214 km) to have our diner which we started at 8.30 pm (that's just to late for a 3 course meal) As entrée we had tomatoes, mozarella and salat dressed with a disgusting sauce. Main course was yummy, spinach pasta with pork swimming in rum-cognac sauce. Normally I can't stand anything with alcohol in it but I didn't taste the alcohol so it was good ^^.
I was happy our room was on the groundfloor  and we had one that was wheelchair friendly.
Me and my friend were very tired so we decided to hit the bed early (11 pm) while our other 2 room-mates were gone socializing. Guess who were still awake when those 2 came back :D

Day 2: 28 of March 2010

We started the day with a nice breakfast and headed to Chur center.
And that's the end of the detailed information ^^;.

Entrance of a museum

A church in a cemetery in Chur.

This cemetery had a really special feeling round it. I particularly liked this tombestone and the wall you see behind it with the stones and the trees in them.

The house of architect P. Zumthor.

 And I really really love this shot. The person in this is a friend of mine ^^

Inside a school

That's it for now, next week more pics from this trip ;)