Christmas Presents

Like I said before, we exchanged Christmas presents on New Year's eve so that's why this post is one week late ^^
I got an alarm, which I'm planning to deco ^^. I wanted a cute one but that too hard to find around here so I'm making it cute myself, ha!

Next up, a new mouse, andddd it's PURPLE ^^ <3<3<3
I needed a new one 'cause my other one was too small for my hand, so when I had to work on my plans for school (which takes 3-4 days, 'till somewhere in the night) I needed one that was better for my hand. Plus my old one didn't scroll anymore.

Legwarmers ^^ With fur. I am planning to wear them over my boots. I think it'll look cute ^^

And lastly, fur boots to wear inside the house. Hoping to score some real boots like this on sale, let's hope I can find them!

Aaaaaaaand I just got to know that I won 2 prizes at the give-away from Sweet & Tiny!!
Whooooot ^^ I'm lucky!
So that's it for now!
Have a nice day/night