Day Zero Project

While surfing Drea's blog I saw her post about the Day Zero Project, and I decided to join.
It's a lovely alternative for the New Year resolutions that (almost) no one ever can keep on.
Basically, you have to think of 101 different goals you have to accomplish in 1001 days.
And the first 6 goals you have to copy, which are:

1. Think of 101 goals for this project
2. I may change a goal anytime I want to
3. Use a piggy bank for the Day Zero Project
4. Add *an amount of money* to the piggy bank after completing a goal
5. Blog every goal (0/101) 
6. Do something fun with the money by the end of this project

If you don't have a blog, you can make up another goal for that one.
I posted my list on a different page, here it is

Start of project: Sunday, January 09 2011
End of project: Sunday, October 06 2013

If you think about making a list too, let me know and I'll add your link to my Day Zero Project Page.

- Drea