Deco items received ^^

Some time ago I won a give-away at Atelier Dolle and at Sweet & Tiny and my items arrived last weekend.
They are really cute so I wanted to show them to you ^^

Here's what I won at Sweet & Tiny:
2 hairclips, they are really cute! I thought about giving them to my niece but I can't part with them ^^;

and this is the second item, a chocolate ring!! ^^ Made with modeling paste (as are the clips above) very sturdy and I'm glad there's nothing sticking out 'cause I know what that gives... (broken rings TT_TT)

At Atelier-Dolle, I won a cookiestrap ^^

It's already on my phone ^^

(isn't the fabric in the bach gorgeous? I bought a pillow on sale, teehee ^^)
If you like sweets and deco, be sure to check both of their blogs!

On a side note, I bought my first lolita skirt !!!!! whooohooo
For those of you who do not know what lolita is (and no, it's not that book)
you can read something about it here and here